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ARF ISM on Maritime Security

The momentum of maritime security cooperation among regional countries, at the bilateral, subregional and regional levels, needs to be sustained as the

maritime domain is the lifeblood of the region. This was stressed by Undersecretary for Policy Ricardo David during the ASEAN Regional Forum Intersessional Meeting on Maritime Secretary held in Tokyo on February 8.

Attended by representatives from 24 ARF states and the ASEAN Secretariat, this 9th meeting of the ARF ISM on Maritime Security focused on the issues of creating synergy between and among maritime-related bodies in the region, safety of navigation, marine environment and sustainable development.

Also discussed was the ARF Maritime Security Workplan for 2016-2017 and new proposals for the 2017-2018 intersessional year. Among the new proposals are workshops on ferry security, on national maritime single points of contact, on sustainable fisheries management and food security, on best practices in maritime data analysis to combat transnational organized crime, and on enhancing maritime law enforcement cooperation.

Vietnam, Australia and the European Union will co-chair the next three years of the ISM.