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4th PH-Japan Vice-Ministerial Dialogue Held

With the PH-Japan Vice-Ministers Meeting convening for the 4th time on September 21, Japan's vice-minister for International Affairs told PH Defense Undersecretary Ricardo David Jr. that Japan's Ministry of Defense is working on the posting of an additional defense attache in the Philippines. This comes amid the increasingly becoming robust defense relations between the Philippines and Japan.

Meanwhile, the Philippine side welcomed the possibility of a trilateral cooperation among the PH, Japan and US considering that Japan is both a strategic partner of the PH and a fellow US ally. Japan has regularly participated as observer in the largest PH-US military exercise, the Balikatan and the Pacific Partnership, a program spearheaded by the US which is intended to build HA/DR capacity of regional armed forces.

Acknowledging that PH and Japan defense relations are indeed becoming more robust, both delegations exchanged views on how to further deepen their relations. Education and training exchanges as well as high level visits will be sustained. Cooperation on equipment and technology transfer shall likewise be pursued. With the PH having signed with Japan an agreement on defense equipment and technology transfer earlier this year, Tokyo is slated to send to Manila 5 TC-90 maritime surveillance aricraft. 

Having been convened for four times, the vice-ministerial dialogue between the two defense establishments is evolving to become the primary platform for defense dialogue between Manila and Tokyo.