Political and Military Consultations Between PH and Japan Held

The Philippines and Japan convened their 6th Political-Military and Military-Military Talks on 17 May 2013. Held in Tokyo, Japan, the talks provided both sides an opportunity to update each other of their respective security policies. While Japan shared the on-going efforts to review its National Defense Program Guidelines, the Philippines highlighted the regular effort of the Department of National Defense to formulate a Defense Planning Guidance which covers a five-year period.

Both sides also exchanged notes on developments in the East China Sea, the West Philippine Sea and the Korean Peninsula, taking note of how actions of certain regional states in those areas create tension making the rest of the region apprehensive of the prospects of ensuring peace and stability. But amidst such challenges, the Philippines and Japan emphasized the need for the two countries to cooperate and assist each other in enhancing each other’s capacity to respond to various challenges. The Philippines and Japan also acknowledged the role regional powers, specifically the US, play in maintaining regional peace and stability, emphasizing the need to work closely with such regional players.

The meeting also afforded the two sides to take stock and review the progress of their bilateral relations, specifically in the areas of maritime security cooperation, the peace process in Southern Philippines, humanitarian assistance and disaster response, multilateral security cooperation as well as cyber and space security.

The PH side was led by Assistant Secretary Raymund Jose Quilop for the DND and Maria Theresa Lazaro for the DFA while the Japanese delegation was led by Mr. Kenji Kanasugi and Mr. Ro Manabe for the Japanese foreign and defense ministries, respectively.