MDB-SEB Execom Meets

The Executive Committee of the PH-US Mutual Defense Board-Security Engagement Board convened in Honolulu, Hawaii last 13-17 June 2011. Co-chaired by the staffs in-charged of plans of both the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the US Pacific Command (USPACOM), the meeting is held prior to the annual meeting of the MDB and SEB which are co-chaired by the AFP’s Chief of Staff and the Commander of US PACOM.

The execom meeting reviewed a proposed set of 5-year objectives of AFP-US PACOM engagement and examined activities for next year. In the same meeting, the two delegations exchanged views and engaged in discussions on issues of mutual concern to include maritime security and mutual defense, counter-terrorism, humanitarian assistance and peacekeeping operations.

Personnel from OASSA represented the DND while officials from the Office of American Affairs represented the Department of Foreign Affairs in this meeting.