Jakarta International Defense Dialogue

Secretary of National Defense Voltaire T. Gazmin took part as an Official Guest and Keynote Speaker in the inaugural Jakarta International Defense Dialogue (JIDD) 2011 with the theme “Strengthening Security and Stability”, from 23-25 March 2011 in Indonesia.
As a keynote speaker on the topic, “International Strategies and Models for Success in Counter-Terrorism, Peacekeeping Operations, Humanitarian Relief and Disaster Response”, Secretary Gazmin argued that there are no perfect models or templates for successfully addressing defense and security issues on account of the many diversities of each country. In this light, Secretary Gazmin underscored the following four (4) key principles that are vital to developing international strategies to counter terrorism, keep the peace, and respond to disasters: (1) constant and expedient sharing of information; (2) readiness to help when able and willingness to receive assistance when necessary; (3) effective interface between civilian agencies and military establishments; and (4) involving key stakeholders outside the government.

Secretary Gazmin highlighted that these key principles bring to the fore the following three (3) important elements:

1. It is essential that international cooperation be backed up by a robust level of confidence and willingness to cooperate especially by the governments.
2. This confidence can be boosted through clear national and international frameworks that would maximize the strengths of each actor while minimizing the perceived liabilities of collaboration.
3. Given the complex nature and multifaceted effects of security concerns, establishing an international strategy or model to address these concerns is a shared responsibility of all states and stakeholders.

Secretary Gazmin ended his remarks by emphasizing that countries, particularly the Philippines, look forward to an enhanced cooperation among all states in building confidence and strengthening cooperation to combat terrorism, safeguarding peace in the region, and helping each other in times of disasters and calamities.

The JIDD 2011 was organized by the Indonesian Defense University and the Ministry of Defense of Indonesia and participated in by Defense Ministers from over 40 countries in the Asia Pacific and Europe. At the sidelines of the JIDD 2011, Secretary Gazmin met with his counterparts from Indonesia and Poland to discuss initiatives to further promote close bilateral ties.