ASEAN Security Outlook

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is now working on an ASEAN Security Outlook. Intended to complement the current annually-released ASEAN Regional Forum (ARF) Security Outlook where most ASEAN members contribute their respective security perspectives, the ASEAN Security Outlook would be an ASEAN publication that contains not only the views of individual ASEAN states but the collective efforts of ASEAN members to meet common security challenges. The Office of the Assistant Secretary for Strategic Assessment has been actively contributing in the development of the ASEAN Security Outlook, with the recent discussions on this matter being held in Semarang, Indonesia last 20-21 June 2011 being attended by officers from OASSA.  

The Semarang meeting built on the discussions held in June 2010 in Bali, Indonesia where OASSA also took part. In the said meeting, representatives from both the foreign and defense ministries of the ASEAN members agreed on a working outline in the development of an ASEAN Security Outlook, which is meant to contribute in the building of the envisioned ASEAN Security Community.