PH and Indonesia Convene Joint Defense and Security Cooperation Commitee

Convening in Bandung, Indonesia their 4th Joint Defense and Security Cooperation Committee meeting on 10-13 July 2012, the Philippines and Indonesia exchanged views on the West Philippine Sea. Bilateral partnerships and multilateral efforts, by facilitating information sharing and shaping norms/values, respectively, reduce uncertainty and unpredictability and therefore contribute to peace and stability, according to the Philippines. Indonesia for its part believes that the difficulties surrounding the issue provide opportunity for cooperation among the countries involved.

While the PH side briefed the Indonesians about the progress and prospects of the peace process with the Moro Islamic Liberation Front and acknowledged Indonesia’s personnel contribution to the International Monitoring Team, the Indonesian side provided an overview of its defense industrial capability. Indonesia is one of the countries being examined by the Philippines as a possible source of defense equipment.

On bilateral matters, both sides noted their joint efforts to enhance border cooperation, intelligence and information exchanges as well as educational and training exchanges and explored mechanisms to further enhance these cooperative activities.

Expressing commitment to further strengthen bilateral defense relations, the JDSCC will be convened in Manila sometime in 2013.