DND Takes Part in Seoul Defense Dialogue

Undersecretary of National Defense Honorio S. Azcueta shared the Philippines’ program towards a more efficient and effective defense management at the Seoul Defense Dialogue held last 14-16 in Seoul, South Korea. In his talk, Usec Azcueta discussed how the Defense System of Management (DSOM) composed of four complementary sub-systems to include the Strategic Planning System, Capability Planning System, Acquisition System and Resource Management System is being utilized by the DND to ensure that equipment are acquired and resources are managed based on a sound assessment of the security environment and a realistic capability plans. With the need to continuously reform and transform to keep the defense forces develop necessary capabilities while being able to perform missions and tasks needed to be done, Usec Azcueta elaborated on the defense transformation program including ISO-certification project as well as the Gender and Development Program of the Department of National Defense.

The Seoul Defense Dialogue was launched by South Korea’s Ministry of National Defense as a platform for defense officials at the vice-ministerial (undersecretary) level to share views on how to promote peace and cooperation towards regional stability. The inaugural dialogue focused on three key issues confronting the region namely the proliferation of Weapons of Mass Destruction, cyber security and efficient management of defense resources. Amidst the plethora of other defense dialogues in the region, South Korea believes that the Seoul Defense Dialogue would make a meaningful contribution towards sharing of perspectives and building habits of dialogue among regional countries including the European Union and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Joining USEC Azcueta in the Seoul Defense Dialogue were Assistant Secretary for Strategic Assessment Raymund Jose Quilop and Col. Ireneo Maningding, the Philippines Defense and Armed Forces Attaché based in Seoul, South Korea.