DND Conducts Peacekeeping Workshop

Secretary of National Defense Voltaire T. Gazmin keynotes the 2nd meeting of the ADMM-Plus Experts Working Group on Peacekeeping Operations (PKO). Speaking before delegates of the meeting, Secretary Gazmin emphasized the need to take stock of the current PKO capabilities of ADMM-Plus states to enable them to address capability gaps and identify opportunities for collaboration that would enhance capacity to effectively contribute to UN-mandated peacekeeping operations. He likewise expressed optimism that the meeting  would enable the participating states to pursue greater cooperation in regard to peacekeeping operations.

On hindsight, the workshop discussions held during the meeting on June 27 and 28 resulted in an initial database of profiles of peacekeeping related capabilities of the states that participated. By mapping out areas of strengths and relative deficiencies of each state, the workshop enabled the participants to have an idea on how best each ADMM-Plus country could complement one another. While the diversity of current PKO capacity is a challenging reality, peacekeeping offers rich potential for furthering cooperation among regional states.

Practical suggestions on how to move the work of the working group were also put on the table to include collaborating with non-state organizations as well as exploring how to efficiently generate forces for peacekeeping deployment if and when the United Nations has decided to establish a peacekeeping mission in a particular area.

The Philippines and New Zealand co-chair the experts working group on peacekeeping operations, which was established by the ASEAN defense ministers and their eight dialogue partners (Australian, China, India, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, Russia and the US) to promote practical cooperation in peacekeeping.